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10 Tips to Stick to Your Workout Plan

1.     Choose you.

Aside from the physical and mental benefits of exercise, deciding to start an exercise plan starts with you. Your doctor, your family, your friends, your co-workers can tell you how much you need to workout but it won’t stick unless you decide for yourself that you want to do it. Choose you.

2.     Try something new.

Often we get stuck in a routine and are scared to try something new. Trade out what you have done in the past and try something new like a spin class, go hiking, weight training class, or come into Compete :)

3.     Find a good support group.

You are only as good as the people you choose to surround yourself with. On the days that you don't want to workout or life gets crazy, find family and friends that will encourage you to reach your goals and stick to your workout routine.

4.     Understand it will not be an instant process.

In a world of instant gratification, it needs to be understood that losing weight is not instant. It is not a sexy process that one workout and a juice cleanse will change. It takes hard work and changing your life style. You have to be kind to yourself and cheer yourself on throughout the journey and trust the process.

5.     Make it a lifestyle.

There will be days that you don’t want to do anything, you are human. But those days you want to do something. Everyday doesn't have to be an intense workout. Some days where you're tired or just not feeling motivated go on a walk or play with your dog. Doing something a little everyday will help you make it a lifestyle versus just a phase in your life.

6.     Go outside.

Working out isn't just confined to the gym. You have an entire gym outside! Not only it is good for your mental health to get outside but there are tons of body weight exercises, trails, hills, etc that you have at your dispense to workout. Not only is it a change of pace but allows you to have fun and be creative.

7.     Hold yourself accountable.

Find a way to monitor your goals and daily routine. Whether it is tracking your food intake, writing your workouts down, timing your exercises, weighing yourself, tracking your blood pressure and cholesterol, or simple finding a pair of pants that don't fit and try them on every two weeks. This will not only hold you accountable but will help you track your progress and help motivate you.

8.     Make little changes overtime.

Don't go cold turkey on anything. Make little progressional changes like starting with body weight squats before moving to heavier weights or trading out cereal for plain oatmeal with fruit. Integrating small changes overtime will avoid becoming overwhelmed and fed up with your new workout plan.

9.     Make a good workout playlist.

Compile a solid workout playlist of songs that pump you up and motivate you to get moving. This will help especially on the days you don't want to workout or having trouble getting going. Put your headphones in and psych yourself up!

10.  Make a schedule.

Setting classes or making appointments holds you accountable to making it to your workout. There is always time in your schedule to get at least 20 minutes in every day. If you set a time away dedicated to your workout it will avoid the “I didn't have time” conundrum. There are not many times in a day that you have dedicated to you and making you better so think of your workout time it as “me” time. Just as #1 says, choose you.

Melissa Garcia is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab