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Active Recovery

After a long a weekend of games and you are tired, sore, and everything hurts the last thing you want to is be active. Just because you are tired and sore from training or competition does not mean you just sit and do nothing. That is probably the worst thing you could do; the better choice is to add an active rest and recovery day or two into your regular training program. Active rest and recovery includes exercises such as light bike riding or jogging, dynamic and static stretching, TRX exercises, mini-band exercises, PowerPlate exercises and stretches, light body weight exercises, and foam rolling. This not only looses up stiff and sore muscles, but increases circulation and blood flow to bring nutrients to help repair and rebuild muscle. Being able to have productive and effective active rest and recovery days are an essential component of a properly structured training program. Athletes that do not have appropriate coaching and training programs are at a high risk for overtraining injuries. However, with the right program and coaching, active rest and recovery is beneficial and effective.

Here is a sample of what an active rest and recovery day looks like at Compete:

Dynamic Warm Up
Core Activation
Mini-Bands: Clams & Bridges 15x each

20-20-20 Squats on PowerPlate
Glute Stretch on PowerPlate 5x
Dying Bugs 15x each side

Single Leg Squat to Cone 15x each side
TRX Rows w/ Elbows up 10x
TRX Push-ups 10x 
Spider-Man with Hamstring Stretch 5x each side

Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift to Cone 15x each side
TRX T's 15x
Calf Stretch 5x each side

Foam Roll & Stretch