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Improving Lower Body Strength

Lower body strengthening is a huge part of any sports performance program, but how you strengthen is more important. Many athletes we see come in squatting or deadlifting big numbers, but when we put them in positions that they will be in during their sport, they struggle. I'm not saying that squatting or deadlifting are bad for you or that they do not play a part in sports performance training, but that there are many different ways that can be effective. When you think about sports, how often is the athlete in a squat position with the weight equally balanced between the two feet? In most sports, it's pretty rare. Think about running, cutting, skating or hitting a baseball. They all depend on single leg strength and stability with the ability to create force from one leg and absorb force on the other. If this happens so often, then shouldn't we train that way? At Compete Sports Performance and Rehab, we frequently use the rear foot elevated split squat to help strengthen one leg at a time as well as work on balance anad stability. Check out the video to learn more.