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How Compete Sports Performance Got Started

April 2014 marks the 5th anniversary for Compete Sports Performance & Rehab in Lake Forest, CA. This represents an incredible accomplishment for the sports training facility and its owner Chris Phillips, who not long ago started the business during an incredibly tumultuous time when more businesses were shutting down than staying open. It was undoubtedly a big risk, but a risk that is nonetheless paying off today. Since it's inception, Compete has been the "go to" place for professional athletes, college athletes, and youth athletes seeking sports training in Orange County. And the service has proven effective as more than 30 youth athletes have received scholarships to play college sports and several college athletes have gone on to play professional sports. Yet, in spite of all the accomplishments of Compete and its owner, perhaps the biggest accomplishment for Phillips has been seeing his vision turn into reality. "When I first started it, the idea was to simply provide all the services an athlete would need under one roof. And today, we are doing just that" Phillips said. "If an athlete needs to run faster or get stronger, we can help with that. If an athlete gets injured, we can help them get back on the field, and if an athlete recently had surgery, we have athletic trainers and physical therapists to help them get back on their feet."
Uncertain Beginning
For Phillips, the idea of starting Compete came to light during the 2005 National Hockey League (NHL) lockout that resulted in the cancellation of the 2005 season. At the time, Phillips had concluded his 6th year as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Anaheim Ducks when the lockout suddenly made his future as an athletic trainer uncertain. As he recalled, "It was a pretty stressful time for me and my family. I really wasn't sure when the NHL season would return and if I would have a job. That's when I really started thinking about going on my own." That thought however, would be put on hold for a few more years as the NHL players and personnel went back to work and Phillips continued his successful career in professional sports. Following the lockout, Phillips became an athletic trainer for the Washington Capitols for two years, then took his chances in the Arena Football League. The Arena Football League, it turns out, would prove to be the turning point for him and the catalyst for Compete.
The start of Compete Sports Performance & Rehab
2009 must have been deja vu for Phillips as he once again found himself in the middle of another canceled season; only this time it was in the Arena Football League where Phillips was the Head Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach for one of its teams- Los Angeles Avengers. The league owners had decided to cancel the 2009 season to improve its business operations and return again in 2010. This would be a very difficult time for players and personnel involved in the struggling football league as the lost season would take place amidst skyrocketing unemployment, a housing crash, and multiple bank failures. The recession had hit and it had hit hard. But it was at this time surprisingly, that would push Phillips directly into business. As Phillips noted, "The suspension of the Arena Football League is what really sparked everything into action. It might have been bad timing because of the economy and it certainly made things tough in the beginning. But I felt if we could provide a great services for our clients, help them become better athletes, they would refer us more clients, and things would turn out alright. We've have been relying on that ever since."  In April 2009, Phillips opened up his own sports training facility under the name Compete Performance, which was later renamed to Compete Sports Performance & Rehab.
Performance, Injuries, and Sports Rehabilitation
Compete would endure the harshest parts of the recession and forge ahead into becoming a premiere sports training center, helping clients all around Orange County run faster, get stronger, and return to sport following injury. Such clients include NHL athlete Jonathan Blum as well as professional soccer teams such as the OC Blues and the Los Angeles Sol, which included 5 time FIFA player of the year Marta Da Silva and Olympic gold medalists Shannon Boxx and Aly Wagner. More notably, however, are the numerous youth athletes Compete has worked with since its opening and have recently signed to play sports collegiately. "Many of our clients that started training with us in the beginning or came to us with a season ending injury have received college scholarships to play sports. And quite a few of them have been to Division 1 schools." Chris stated. "It's definitely great to see our clients reach their goals and excel."
Amid the popularity of certain fitness trends such as Cross Fit and bootcamp, Compete Sports Performance & Rehab remains dedicated to its craft of providing sports performance, fitness, rehab, and physical therapy to its athletes and helping them reach their goals. As such, Compete now has 8 athletic trainers and performance coaches on staff, has opened a separate location in Westminister, and more recently, is providing sports performance services for the OC All Stars, a premiere competitive cheerleading squad in South Orange County. "We're always striving to get better at what we do." Phillips says. "We want to continue providing the best service to our clients and help them be better at their sport."